Even small things counts. No one can do everything but everybody can do something. Pennybridge philosophy is all about many doing little each and that makes something big all together. Having said that we don't want to say that our partners do small things, on the contrary. In fact if it wasn't for our partners we probably wouldn't be here. So this is all about our great friends that has joined in for our journey to do good. Want to be one of them? Why don't you drop us an email or give us a call!

Partners of Pennybridge

AQ Analys is a proud partner to Pennybridge.

We offer results-focused market surveys that provides a clear basis for decisions for our customers, and also support them in their improvement process.

We've had the honor to help Pennybridge with documentation about the public interest in their service and an initial understanding of whom their potential customers could be.

So we have from the start followed Pennybridge on their journey and the development of their exciting service that can increase the opportunity for more people to easily contribute.

Four PR is Örebro's oldest public relations and communications agency. With it's strong commitment too the voluntary sector and being the agency for several voluntary organisations at national level, it was an easy decision to support PennyBridge, when the opportunity appeared.

Four PR develops businesses and organisations through strategic public relations and communications, within four areas of development: brand, organisation, relations and skills.

With one foot stable on the ground and the other already on its way up into the sky. That is how we want to present our advertising agency. That is how we make our clients brands and businesses reach higher aims. Creators, with diverse backgrounds, that is what leads our strategic and tactic work to unthought-of possibilities that rises above expectations. A great strategy will stand strong even in stormy weather and over time. Then the tactics can be allowed to develop within the set strategy.

We are a Nordic advertising agency with two areas of expertise, health and retail. We know that creativity is born in positive environments. That is why we put great emphasis into having fun and being fun to work with. And, for us, to work with Pennybridge for a better world is both inspiring and joyful.

"Bonigi" is Esperanto and means "to go forward" and "to improve".

Bonigi AB is a software development business. We build smart and intuitive web-based systems. Our software is used within government, businesses, fundraising, schools, and in many other organizations.

Bonigi is proud to have had the opportunity to develop the system platform that provides Pennybridge’s services.

In Other Words translation service works with translation, interpreting and copywriting... in English, our native language. Our clients are private companies and in the public sector, where we specialize in marketing, economics and finance. When Pennybridge asked about our services, we did not hesitate a second. Contributing to charity with our services feels meaningful.

Science Park Halmstad develops excellent companies and entrepreneurs! We provide a place for innovative people and companies to grow. Here new companies get a head start in a creative environment with active coaching and business support and a professional network. Our Growth Programme for start-ups range from six months up to three years.

Effectsoft is a Halmstad-based IT company with long experience and great knowledge of everything from booking to advanced system solutions for eg keyless locks. We place great value on close relationships with both our customers and employees to achieve the best possible results. To be able to contribute large and small, for a better world is something we like to emphasize a little extra in order to contribute to sustainable development by Pennybridge is therefore natural for us!