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Pennybridge offers fundraising purposes the opportunity to be visible and participate in fundraising flows through smart digital channels such as e-commerce, marketplaces, benefits portals, and memorial gifts.

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Together with our important partners, we reach several million potential donors

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What is Pennybridge?

We started with a clear purpose: to help others, create something meaningful, and drive development forward in fundraising and donation.

Today, Pennybridge operates in Sweden, and to a limited extent in Norway, Denmark, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Who can register with Pennybridge?

All organizations, foundations, associations, etc. with a clear fundraising goal for a good cause are welcome to register with us. As an affiliated cause registered at Pennybridge, you will be visible as a recipient of gifts in our partners’ fundraising channels. We help you, regardless of size, to reach channels where it is difficult to be seen as an individual fundraising cause.

We provide our fundraising platform to carefully selected partners. By integrating our API into their services, our partners give their customers the opportunity to donate money to any organization connected to Pennybridge. In some channels, it is a direct donation; in others, the proceeds from an auction or a memorial gift. We also offer the possibility to forward a sum that the recipient can donate to any cause of their choice, as well as a solution for gift cards.

What does it cost to join Pennybridge?

One of the major goals of Pennybridge’s fundraising service is to help reduce the fundraising cost for affiliated causes. Therefore, it is completely free to register on Pennybridge and be visible in all our partners’ channels. Only when a gift is conveyed, a mediation fee of 5% including VAT is charged.

One of our most important tasks at Pennybridge is to ensure the secure mediation of donations. To do this in the best way, we work closely with Ping Payments, a financial institution specializing in payment flows and customer knowledge issues. Ping is licensed and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority since 2018.

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